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Gyrotonic Pilates Kinney Fontecchio


My #1 priority is you,

and getting the results you want safely and effectively.

How do I do this?

First, I have excellent and recognized certifications that are evidence based and help people just like you to re-educate the body to work in a more integrated and sophisticated manner, improve posture, alignment, and

balance, reduce pain, and increase the feeling of overall well being. 

Secondly, I create a partnership with my clients. Our working relationship is based on collaboration, communication, commitment, and compassion. I am the expert in the practices I teach, but you are the expert of you! I help my clients build independence, accountability, and confidence with their workouts in the studio and at home.

Our work together is based on my knowledge and experience and your feedback and insights during our sessions. We will discover, learn, and grow together.

To learn more about working with me, schedule an appointment for a Discovery Session- a free 30 minute opportunity to speak with me directly to discuss goals, specific health issues or limitations, and getting started.


Pilates is a spring-based resistance system of corrective exercises created by Joseph H. Pilates. It has a large array of supportive apparatus, mat work, and small props to aid clients in the proper execution of the Classical Pilates exercises for increased stamina, balanced musculature, and improved alignment.


These exercises are crafted for each client and address specific needs, deficits, and imbalances observed in the studio sessions. Perfect to do in the home or while traveling, they reinforce concepts presented in the studio and foster ownership and independence for our clients and their movement practice.


The GYROTONIC® Method uses specialized equipment which offers support, weight resistance, and feed back to guide clients toward more integrated, fluid, and functional movement. The flowing circular and spiraling motions used in the system more accurately reflect. the 3 dimensional aspect of everyday human movement.


GYROKINESIS® is the unique seated stool, floor, standing, and aerobic work of the GYROTONIC® Method. It uses no specialized equipment. The method stimulates the nervous system, helps increase limited range of motion, strengthens and supports the joints, and improves breath, circulation, and mental focus.

Romanas Pilates Kinney Fontecchio


Virginia Beach, VA

Tel: 910-459-3847

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